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After earthquake in the Philippines: humedica takes care of 759 families

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/05/17

"We thank both God and you for this support. Thank you so much for the provision of food for the people, who have been hit by the earthquake the 22nd of April in Porac.", writes Bernardita Amor, the coordinator for humedica´s Philippine project partner PHILRADS.

Immediately after the earthquake measuring 6.1, which had caused much destruction, humedica has helped in the Porac area and cooperated with its project partner PHILRADS to provide the inhabitants with the most urgently needed relief goods. About 759 Ateas families were affected by the consequences of the natural disaster. Together with the responsible authorities of the provinces and communities the emergency teams coordinated and analyzed the needs. They classified the beneficiaries according to their state as direct disaster victims, their degree of injuries and their economic situation. The food distributed by the teams was part of the customary diet of the families and could be purchased on site. Each family received 25 kilos of rice (covering the weekly demands of a five-person-family), 12 eggs, milk, cookies, sugar, salt, water, laundry and body soap, toothbrushes for adults and children as well as a tube of toothpaste. The families have to live on these goods for one or two weeks till the situation will have stabilized.

Aetas are indigene tribes from the highlands. The families earn their living by selling their crops on the public market in Porac. The earthquake destroyed not only their houses, but also the local infrastructure, so that by losing access to the market the Aetas lost their income, too. Hence they depend on the life-saving provision from outside. Many people are currently living in provisory accommodations in front of their ruined houses or besides a road – as far as possible away from the landslide-endangered areas.

The focus of the humedica project is to secure the food provision of the affected people and to respond to their acute needs, while helping them to rebuild their houses and to reconstruct their livelihood.

Families, local churches and authorities work together to meet the requirements. The relief project is coordinated by the Philippine partner PHILRADS and implemented by volunteers of the local partner organization "Porac Ministerial Fellowship". It is designed to strengthen the relationship between church and local communities.

"The public market is situated directly opposite the destroyed Chuzon Supermarket, the whole area is blocked at the moment. The Aetas families must be supplied with food at least for the next month or even longer until this area can be reopened for the public.", explains Bernardita Amor.

Currently humedica and its project partner PHILRADS-Operations review together whether additional support is needed in the Philippines.

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