100th anniversary – donations instead of gifts

by Heike Knauff-Oliver,  2019/07/10

„I have found help often enough, and now I want to help myself“. This motivated Josef Kunz, when he asked the guests of his 100th anniversary to donate for the benefit of humedica. To congratulate and to thank, humedica employee Heidi Vaassen brought him a little present and a birthday card signed by many staff members of the humanitarian organization.

The jubilarian was glad about the visit. Although 100 years old he is still fit and knows how to tell many stories about his long life. „My misfortune is it to be blind, but thanks to God I have a good wife, a wonderful daughter, a helpful son in law and a great grandson. As well as many good friends and acquaintances. I am very lucky to have this circle of good people in my life“, he tells us gratefully.

To support people in need was what drove him all his life: he himself is war-disabled – as a fighter pilot in the Second World War he crashed down, lost one eye and suffered from severe burnings in his face. 1950 he cofounded the VdK. For more than twenty years he headed the department “Welfare For War-dependants” in the Bonn headquarters. When he retired he moved to Bavaria, Germany. Since 17 years now he and his 93 year old wife Waltraud live together with his daughter and son in law in Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz

100 years old Josef Kunz still does voluntary work for humedica. Photo: humedica

To have such truly aged parents is a rare privilege, which their daughter Hannelore appreciates very much. Regarding her social commitment, she follows in the shoes of her father and supports humedica as a volunteer. She has already engaged her parents for the next yearly „Present from the heart“ campaign. „Sorting coloured pencils for packages, that can also be done sitting“, she laughs.

The 100th anniversary festivity raised the impressive sum of 590 Euro. It will benefit the humedica „Children and Education Projects”.

humedica says „Thank you very much“ for this generous donation and wishes Josef Kunz many more happy years with his loved ones!

Jubilarian Josef Kunz, 100 years old, with his generous anniversary guests. Photo: J. Ott

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