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Surprise your employees and business partners or your family and friends with a very special gift this year: Present them with a donation for people in need instead of purchasing the usual Christmas gifts. Thus you do not only prove social commitment, but also create sensible value for the donee. Please feel free to contact us anytime, we voluntarily assist you in creating your individual donation.

These are your options to support people in need with a Christmas donation to humedica:

1. Give a humedica sponsoring membership

If you give away a sponsoring membership, you enable the humedica staff to react immediately after a disaster, to operate on predictable means and to reduce further the administrative expenses. Your regular support goes to those people, who need it most. You are free to set the focus on a topic, which is particularly dear to the presentee. Regular reports keep the donee informed about the projects that can be implemented with the help of his or her sponsoring membership.

Please take care to fill in the box “Additional Information” indicating “I give this sponsoring membership to `first name, name, address, phone/email´ so we can assign your funded sponsoring membership to the intended presentee. Thanks for your cooperation!

Give away a sponsoring membership

2. Present the humedica HelpCard

The humedica HelpCard is a gift card, by which you can provide targeted support to the work of humedica and respectively people in need of assistance.

Just buy a HelpCard with the motif of your choice online at and present someone with a HelpCard either in form of a credit-card sized gift card or an E-HelpCard.

When the presentee redeems his HelpCard, he can choose which humedica relief project he wants to support with his donation in order to help people in need.

Present a HelpCard

3. Give away „Presents from the heart“

Surprise children in need with a special Christmas parcel and participate in the broad „Present from the heart“ campaign of humedica. Your donation funds an individual Christmas parcel for the children in our international humedica relief projects, which will be prepared by our volunteers. The equivalent value of each parcel amounts to 20 Euro.

It is up to you to decide how many „Presents from the heart“ you want us to pack for you. We will be glad to provide you with the campaign logo as well as photographs of the presented children for your Christmas mail.

Give away "Presents from the heart"

4. Donate directly to humedica

You are of course also welcome to donate directly to humedica while informing your clients or business partners about your social commitment. Feel free to use our online donation form or transfer your Christmas donation to:

      humedica e. V.
      IBAN: DE35734500000000004747
      Sparkasse Kaufbeuren

Please ask for photos of our relief projects as well as our logo, so you can use them to create awareness of your Christmas donation via your Christmas mail or online marketing channels. As far as possible we are also happy to organise an official hand-over of the donation.

Donate to humedica

What are the benefits of your Christmas donation to humedica?

  • Relying on sensible Christmas presents you forgo superfluous consumption
  • You make an important contribution to the support of people in need
  • You demonstrate social commitment
  • You spare yourself the elaborate preparation of individual Christmas gifts
  • You motivate others to go for reasonable Christmas presents
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