Update Indonesia: Medical care and trauma relief

by Lisa Wolff,  2018/10/08

Together with the aides of our partner organization Karya Alpha Omega Foundation our intervention team members Yvonne Michel, Daniel Warkentin and Dr. Markus Hohlweck were able to get to the people in the back country of Palu. But this trip presented the helpers with new challenges: for many parts the street was impassible due to the earthquakes, plates, pushed one upon the other, blocked the passage demonstrating once more the heavy forces, which had been at work here.

"The extent of destruction caused by earthquakes and tsunamis here in Sulawesi is really extreme.", reports Yvonne Michel, who works for the humedica team as coordinator. "We are very glad that we were able to reach the villages surrounding Palu nevertheless and could provide medical care for the people on site."

The local team of Alpha Omega had already organized medical camps in this region, where our medical humedica professionals were able to provide assistance. They could also distribute the medicaments brought along and identify the need for further important relief support such as food and hygiene packages. "Although our stay here in Sulawesi is already coming to an end, we will continue to cooperate closely with our partner Alpha Omega and to coordinate additional relief measures in Germany.", explains Michel.

Besides the medical treatment and the provision of important relief goods the people also received spiritual care. "For us it is important to let the people know that they are not alone." continues Michel. "After the medical treatments our colleagues from Alpha Omega have talked in depths with the people and have sung together with them."

In the long term, further measures are planned to assist the people to overcome trauma.

Please stay part of this important relief work and support the people of Sulawesi on their challenging way back to normality. Thank you so much!

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