Update from Lombok: Help continues


In the meanwhile our partner organization Karya Alpha Omega Foundation is operating with two medical teams in the East of the island. Last Thursday, the practitioners could treat 340 people in Madayin Village and Bilok Petung.

"The majority of our patients came for the treatment of open wounds or fever infections", tells us Non Rawung, director of Alpha Omega. "But at the moment, we also come across other infectious diseases as well as high blood pressure quite often."

Dr. Carla Riupassa behandelt Patienten auf Lombok

Carla Riupassa from the Karya Alpha Omega Foundation is working with the medical team at Lombok to help the people suffering from the consequences of the earthquakes. Photo: humedica/Karya Alpha Omega Foundation

In the course of the seven days since the medical team had started to operate it could already treat up to 2.000 people. Rawung reports that they are planning to visit ten more villages in the coming week.

On top, further relief aid measures implemented with the support of humedica, such as the installation of temporary toilets as well as of drinking water pipelines are continuing.

Frauen auf Lombok bei der Wasserbeschaffung

With the incoming donations humedica supports the Karya Alpha Omega Foundation to provide the people of with clean water and to install latrines. Photo: humedica/Karya Alpha Omega Foundation

To assist the people in Lombok in their reconstruction work on a long-term basis, we depend on your support – thank you so much for your donation!

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