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Typhoon "Mangkhut" in the Philippines: help is on the way

Focus on distribution and reconstruction

by Steffen Richter,  2018/09/17

It is hurricane season and they have got the lot, this year again: this time of the year the USA are usually prone to heavy storms. But they often hit the neighboring Pacific states, in particular the Philippines, with even greater force. Just some days ago the super typhoon "Mangkhut", which reached wind velocities of more than 250 kilometers, brought death and destruction to wide parts of the Philippines´ North East. humedica has assisted its local partner organization PHILRADS, which reached the disaster area shortly afterwards, not only financially, but has also sent out two helpers to the Philippines.

Before it finally hit the Philippines, the typhoon "Mangkhut" was monitored closely via satellite for several days, because it´s development gave already cause for grave concern. The intervention team members of our longstanding local partner PHILRADS, who are already on site in the crisis region, now report that its landfall has confirmed the worst fears.

It hit the poorest

Recalls of "Haiyan"

Once again, the natural disaster has hit the poorest. More than 250.000 people, 63.000 families in den regions of Cagayan, Apayao, Kalinga, Abra, Isabela and Ilocos Norte, were forced to flee to evacuation centers leaving all their belongings behind. Many of these people are now left with nothing at all.

"Our partner told us that wide parts of the country have been destroyed and that support in the fields of acute care and reconstruction is badly needed.", explains Johannes Peter, head of the field of international projects and programs at humedica. "Thanks to our intervention team members on site we will be able to support the local helpers efficiently and to assist them to plan further relief measures."

The two experienced humedica intervention team members Christiane Bähr (coordinator from Flensburg, Germany) and Felix Mittag (practitioner from Bremen, Germany) will travel to the disaster area to support the coordination of relief measures.

The dimension of this heavy storm recalls the typhoon "Haiyan" that only three years ago caused a disaster in the Philippines taking thousands of lives. Till today the severe impact of "Haiyan" is still present in the damaged surfaces of the affected regions.

Please support us

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We would like to ask you to support our disaster relief intervention in the Philippines with a dedicated donation. The storm season has not ended yet and we therefore have to provide secure accommodation for the typhoon victims as fast as possible. This aim can only be achieved by a fast intervention as well as a close cooperation of all the organizations on site and the local authorities.

Together with our friends from PHILRADS we also engage in distributing relief goods to a large number of victims. Please support our commitment. Thank you so much.

We will keep you informed about the ongoing relief measures here as well as on our Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube).

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