Typhoon "Mangkhut": humedica intervention team reports from the Philippines


Only one week ago the super typhoon "Mangkhut" has hit the Philippines with wind velocities of more than 250 kilometres. The experienced intervention team members Christiane Bähr and Felix Mittag have left for the disaster area to support our local partner organization PHILRADS as coordinator and practitioner on site.

humedica-Einsatzkräfte auf den Philippinen

Christiane Bähr from Flensburg, Germany, and Felix Mittag from Bremen, Germany, travelled for humedica to the Philippines to support the emergency relief intervention of our partner organization PHILRADS on site after the typhoon Mangkhut. Photo: humedica

"We spent the first days at Tuguegarao and Baggao in the North of the island state together with the PHILRADS team to gain an overview over the situation after the typhoon.", report the two humedica operatives from the Philippines. The medical care is stable so that the intervention team now focuses on the distribution of relief goods. About 160 families have already been provided with food packages, more will be distributed also with the help of humedica

Verteilung von Lebensmittelpaketen auf den Philippinen

Supported by humedica, the PHILRADS intervention team has already distributed food packages in the Northern area of the Philippines, which had been hit by the typhoon Mangkhut. Photo: PHILRADS

"We are glad to see how fast the reconstruction works proceed.", we were told by our intervention team. "On the first day of their intervention the PHILRADS helpers met a family, which had lost its home to the typhoon. Only three days later, they could move into a makeshift accommodation."

Haus nach dem Taifun Mangkhut und nach ersten Wiederaufbaumaßnahmen.

The home of the four-person family had been completely destroyed by the typhoon Mangkhut. Only three days later, they could use it again as makeshift accommodation thanks to the well-organized reconstruction efforts. Photo: PHILRADS

At the moment Christiane and Felix accompany a part of the PHILRADS team to a region in the Southwest, Benguet, where severe landslides, caused by the heavy storms and rains, have brought about even more destruction.

Please continue to support our emergency relief aid in the Philippines. Thank you so much!

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