New WHO standard: humedica certifies as Emergency Medical Team

Three questions to Dr. Ian Norton, EMT mentor at WHO

by LWO,  2018/03/13

In order to coordinate the worldwide humanitarian help in particular in emergency relief interventions even better, the World Health Organization (WHO) establishes a new standard: since 2016 international organizations can apply for the certification as Emergency Medical Team (EMT).

There are three levels: EMT1 teams provide basic ambulant care. EMT2 teams additionally carry out operations and offer the possibility to care for inpatients during nights. EMT3 teams take care of heavy and rather critical diseases and injuries as well as long-term stationing. Patients are transferred between the various teams according to their needs.
At the moment humedica is being certified for EMT1. On this occasion Dr. Ian Norton visited our headquarters Kaufbeuren, Germany. He is responsible for the EMT initiative at the WHO and is mentoring humedica with advice and action during the whole certification process.

How the new EMT standard will impact the international medical disaster emergency relief work and what will be the role of NGOs like humedica in this process

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