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The children in Kazanchis have to move house!

Your help allows us to provide them also in the future with a secure place to play and learn

by Lisa Wolff,  2018/05/30

Kazanchis, a district of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The poverty in this densely populated slum area is oppressive. Crime, prostitution and drug abuse are daily problems. While their parents try to provide food with menial jobs, many children are left to themselves on the streets.

But even here you hear children laughing without a care: today we visit the humedica child day care centre. Together with „Bild hilft e.V. – Ein Herz für Kinder“ we have opened the small kindergarten after the hunger crisis in Ethiopia 2011 in Kazanchis. In the meanwhile it has become a contact point for 60 children from the neighbourhood.

„Every child brings its own problems from home. If I am able to identify these problems, I am glad to help the children to deal with them and to encourage them.“, says Senash Tesfaye. As part of a twelve-person team the kindergarten teacher cares for the well-being of her fosterlings.

Kinder beim Spielen in der humedica-Kindertagesstätte in Äthiopien

Lovingly supported by the humedica team on the often shaky ground: the children in the day care centre Kazanchis. Photo: humedica

A protected place to play and learn

The humedica kindergarten provides a secure place for the small children, where they find loving care and attention as well as help with their school work. Age-appropriate schooling prepares them for their start at school. This aspect of the institution is very important, because a new Ethiopian law regulates that children are only allowed to attend school, if they have frequented a kindergarten before. But there are far too few institutions of this kind in the country.

On top the parents are often not able to afford the school material and uniforms, which have to be paid even for Ethiopian kindergartens. In order to dispose of this barrier to access, humedica provides uniforms and material for free. In the day care centre in Kazanchis the children also get free lunch – for many their only guaranteed meal of the day.

Kinder beim Mittagessen in der humedica-Kindertagesstätte in Äthiopien

The kindergarten in Kazanchis provides the children with a warm meal every day – for many of them the only reliable meal of the day. Photo: humedica

The older children of the urban district come to the kindergarten in the afternoon to get help with their school work. By looking after the children in the humedica kindergarten we also give parents the opportunity to work and to provide for the income of the family.

New premises with new opportunities

Today our kindergarten is a protected contact point for 60 children, who are cared for in three groups – and who now must move house due to municipal building plans.

Luckily, a bigger site nearby has already been found so that the children can still get safely by foot to the kindergarten.

Das neue Gelände der Kindertagesstätte von humedica in Äthiopien

New premises for the children in Kazanchis have already been found. Now they have to be made suitable for children. Photo: humedica

But to prepare the site for the use by children costs money. The new premises offer the possibility to construct both a sports ground and a play area. Thus the children, who are living in cramped conditions, will have the opportunity to move, romp and play after heart desire. The opportunity to be children.

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