"Helping small ones grow"

That was the humedica Team Day 2018

by LWO,  2018/03/21

A lot was going on the 17th of March in the Allgäu! This year´s Team Day lured many of our humanitarian workers to Kaufbeuren, Germany. Under the motto "Helping small ones grow" many presentations and workshops took place. Always in focus: the exchange with and among the team members.

On the evening before the official event start the participants came together in comfortable round, where many project stories were already shared. Bernhard Settele, who in 2017 accompanied for humedica the relief goods flight from the Allgäu Airport Memmingen to Somaliland, took us on a journey to a country, which - without its own fault - has fallen on ill times due to the climate change. As the country is not recognised internationally as a state of its own, the independent democratic republic is de facto excluded from the international finance market and its corresponding institutions. Together with its partner organisation World Concernhumedica organised the transport of 18 tons of relief goods to this crisis region in October 2017.

Vortrag beim humedica-Teamtag

humedica employee Sandra von der Wippel reported on project interventions in 2017 as well as on current issues in the organisation´s headquarters. Photo: humedica

Also the Team Day started with various insights in last year´s interventions. The humedica employees Sandra von der Wippel and Johannes Peter presented reports on East Africa, Mexico, Sri Lanka and the Iran.

The rest of the day was dedicated to the motto "Helping small ones grow". Prof. Dr. Steinbach talked about the topic "Children´s health – A good base for the future". Besides information on the symptoms and treatment of various diseases especially of younger patients, he also provided practical advice: How to involve parents in the treatment process in order to care for the children in familiar surroundings? How to examine as best as possible the infected ears of children?

Ein Kinderarzt zeigt an einer Puppe wie man Kinder während der Behandlung richtig hält.

Prof. Dr. Steinbach gave a lively presentation on how to make children feel as safe as possible during medical examinations. Photo: humedica

The practical aspect dominated also the workshop of Dr. Kiworr on the topic "Birth assistance in emergency interventions", which showed participants the possibilities available to them as obstetricians even if only the most basic medical instruments were in reach. Vivid demonstrations brought various scenarios to life.

Workshop zum Thema Geburtshilfe im Katastropheneinsatz.

Not only entertaining, but above all instructive - Dr. Kiworr´s workshop on the topic "Birth assistance in emergency interventions". Photo: humedica

For the Team Day 2018 our colleague Johannes Peter and our longstanding intervention team member Oliver Emmler also posted a conclusion of the workshop on the currently running certification of humedica as EMT by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on the humedica facebook account. Please go there for further impressions and life recordings of the medical presentations.

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