That was b2ORG with TV journalist Christof Lang


For the first meeting of the event series „b2ORG - small circle talks with added value“ in 2018 the internationally operating relief organization humedica welcomed socially engaged executives to a networking and information exchange. Highlight of the evening was the presentation of TV journalist Christof Lang speaking about the „role and task of the media in the times of Fake News“.

„People are more than ever longing for trustworthiness“, Christof Lang closed his analysis of the current role of the media. „This exactly is the duty of news platforms: to give people back the trust in reporting.“ The head of the RTL-Landesstudio Süd in Munich then explained in detail the currently prevailing media use to the 25 guests in the humedica headquarters and deduced the following recommendations for action: „It is vital to examine and present news from the perspective of the spectators. Everything else passes their reality. Media coverage by elites for broad masses works no more - plain and simple. We have to be authentic. The same applies for relief organisations such as humedica.“

Christof Lang von RTL bei humedica

In between the report about the space mission of Alexander Gerst and his stay in Singapore on the occasion of the meeting of US president Donald Trump and the North-Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the head of the RTL Landesstudio Süd, Christof Lang, took the time to visit the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren, Germany. Photo: humedica

For several years now journalist teams of Christof Lang accompany humedica interventions on a regular basis. Thus they create a media platform for worldwide crises – most recently for the tornado Haiyan in the Philippines and the refugee relief intervention in the Balkans.

In order to professionalise these interventions of the internationally operating organization even further, humedica now has taken on the certificaton as Emergency Medical Team (EMT) by the World Health Organization. Thassilo Görgen reported on the current state of the certification process and its importance for the relief organization.

Thassilo Görgen von humedica berichtet über die Zertifizierung zum EMT

Thassilo Görgen from humedica answered questions on the EMT certification. Photo: humedica

He was supported by his colleague Heinke Rauscher, who has made her private vacation into a challenge: in 16 legs she crossed the Pyrenees on her mountain bike and thus covered not only 950 road kilo meters, but also nearly 27.000 meters of altitude difference. The Pyrenees Mountain Bike Challenge was initiated to collect donations to finance the EMT certification.

Heinke Rauscher bei b2ORG

She did not only host the evening, but equally impressed the guests with her Pyrenees Mountain Bike Challenge to collect donations for the EMT certification: Heinke Rauscher from humedica. Photo: humedica

Afterwards, the b2ORG guests had enough to talk about in their exclusive round while enjoying refreshments and tasty snacks.

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