TEAMS training: arrival in Montyland

by Steffen Richter, Alexander Drechsel,  2018/09/04

Following an exciting first day, in the course of which they had got to know each other and the planned agenda of the event, the participants of the international TEAMS trainings finally could test the waters of practical experience. The carefully developed scenario of an earthquake emergency intervention went into action: Welcome to Montyland!

This intervention had been discussed and prepared down to the most minute detail. All participants were well aware their tasks as well as of the strategic objective for the whole team. And there the key to success has already been named: the team. As the challenges caused by the earthquake in Montyland can only be met working with and for each other - like in the future, when no longer well-prepared scenarios, but real-life situations will have to be faced, which are deadly serious for both the intervention teams and the aid recipients.

"It is impressive to see how fast and especially how efficiently the participants coordinate themselves", the training supervisor Johannes Peter summarizes the first day even before it´s end. "Although they all come from different backgrounds – and standards as well – they harmonize very well. Now already, this brings us really close to our joint goal: to provide the best possible help for people in need."

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