TEAMS training: and the earth trembles again

by Steffen Richter,  2018/09/05

The second day of the training brought on new challenges: following some theoretical courses and the installation of the camp yesterday (Tuesday), our intervention team members now had to face the challenges of our real-life scenario Montyland. About 40 amateur extras, made up to represent marked and partly severely injured victims of the earthquake and its aftershocks, arrived at the humedica camp looking for help.

The long way to prepare the final peak of the scenario, i.e. the arrival of the battered survivors of the earthquake, shows that it is often hard work to transfer theory into reality. All intervention team members had been well prepared in advance and were on their way to Montyland, when the situation there on site started to escalate: the committed amateur extras, elaborately made up and entrusted with authentic roles, provided not only for high concentration, but also for a lot of strain.

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