TEAMS training: a review


For many people the end of the year is the time to review the last months and to range in all what has been said and done. In 2018 for humedica the focus has been on the professionalisation of its humanitarian help while continuing to implement its project work as well as to master several challenging disaster interventions.

The Emergency Medical Team (EMT) certification by the World Health Organization (WHO) in June 2018 has been a milestone. After preparing for nearly three years humedica now is also officially part of the initiative for equal standards and better coordination of medical disaster relief operations worldwide.

By organizing the first TEAMS pilot in September 2018 humedica played an important role in the standardisation process of intervention team trainings. In cooperation with an international consortium of university, economic and humanitarian experts it helped to develop a training concept, which will school certified organisations all over the world along equal standards and mechanisms – designed to enable them to provide the best possible help for people in crises situations.

Both the theoretical and the practical training units of TEAMS were tested for the first time with an Emergency Medical Team of humedica.

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