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Somalia: Help for the horn of hunger

Containers of SOS-Children´s Village and humedica arrive at Mogadishu

by Steffen Richter,  2018/04/06

Munich/Mogadishu. No harvests, dead livestock, hardly any water: due to a devastating drought the situation of the Somalian people is extremely serious. According to reports of the SOS-Children´s Villages and the humanitarian relief organisation humedica about 360.000 children under five are acutely malnourished, 71.000 of them are in such a bad health condition that they need life-saving medical treatment. Both relief organisations reckon that approximately 15 million people are directly affected.

For the second time since January containers with urgently needed supply goods have now reached the Somalian capital Mogadishu. The relief transports were organised by the SOS-Children´s Villages and humedica and bring supplementary food, drugs, powdered milk and other relief goods.

"Especially small children, pregnant women and ill patients are in urgent need for the distribution of the life-saving relief goods.", reports the responsible humedica project team member Johanna Bischoff. "In the meanwhile the containers have reached several institutions of the SOS-Children´s Villages and the Somalian authorities, which have already started to distribute them."

Hilfsgüter werden in Somalia aus dem Container entladen

Urgently needed relief goods such as supplementary food, drugs and powdered milk have reached the Somalian capital Mogadishu. Photo: SOS-Children´s Villages/humedica

Not only at the Horn of Africa in Somalia the supply situation is in a crisis, the whole Eastern part of Africa and the South of the Arabian Peninsula are affected. The present plight follows hard on two scarce raining seasons, which have caused water shortages, crop failures and the loss of pasture and livestock. Prices for corn have strongly risen. Due to the water shortages cholera has broken out in some areas.
Louay Yassin, spokesman of the SOS-Children´s Villages, warns: "Emergency relief work is urgently needed, but we have to do even more: our relief work aims to train the local population to respond better to such crises in the future."

In order to continue and to expand our help in Eastern Africa, humedica depends urgently on your support. Please join our fight against hunger and help the people onsite with your donation. Thank you very much.

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