Pyrenees Mountain Bike Challenge

Humedica employee Heinke Rauscher cycles for the good cause


The Emergency Medical Team (EMT) certification by the World Health Organization WHO is a milestone for our organization. It enforces our core competency, the very fast medical disaster intervention, which we implement jointly with our volunteer intervention team members and extraordinary commitment.

In order to support the EMT project financially, humedica employee Heinke Rauscher has initiated her very own donation campaign. She has taken up the challenge and will mountain bike from the Spanish village Llanca bordering on the Mediterranean Sea to San Sebastian on the Atlantic coast in mid-June. She will make use of her tour across the Pyrenees to collect donation for our EMT project.

Please support Heinke´s donation challenge so that humedica will be strategically best prepared for future large-scale disaster interventions like the one in Haiti (earthquake in 2010) or in the Philippines (typhoon 2013). The tour legs will cover 35 up to 80 km. If a lot of people support individual legs or also parts of it with one Euro per kilo meter, we will be able to strengthen the future humedica disaster relief work in order to provide life-saving medical care for many people in need.

In total Heinke has to master not only 950 road kilo meters, but also nearly 27.000 meters of altitude difference in 16 legs. This calls for stamina, exact planning and good training - a bit like our EMT project.

While the humedica EMT kit weighs approximately eight tons, Heinke travels a thousand times lighter. Equipped with a pack of about 7,5 to 8 kilos on her back she has to get on with its Spartan content also including spare parts for three whole weeks. 14 days an EMT team must be able to provide completely self-sufficiently for its members and patients. But other than the humedica EMT intervention team Heinke has at least no need for a water preparation system, a medical incinerator or power supply as she uses her own muscle strength to climb up the mountains.

Follow Heinke´s donation challenge, her remarkable mountain bike tour across the Pyrenees, on Facebook starting the 20th of June.

Join in to bring humedica in the best position to deal with coming large-scale disasters in order to provide fast, efficient and high-standard medical help for people in extreme distress. Thank you so much!

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