Neugablonz street party 2018


Last Sunday it happened once again: for the 11th time already humedica took part in the Neugablonz street party. Thanks to the great commitment of our volunteers younger and older visitors could again enjoy crate climbing at our stand this year. On top, our busy helpers stocked the cake buffet with a wide choice of treats so that no sweet wishes remained unsatisfied.

At our humedica booth humedica employees and volunteers made ample use of the opportunity to exchange views with the guests of the street party. "It is important for us to be present at such occasions and to meet the people from our quarter in person", said Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche, who participated in the street party with a committed team of volunteers. "Apart from that it simply is great fun. Everybody is relaxed and enjoys to chat a bit."

We would like to thank explicitly all our volunteers, whose engagement made our presence at the street party possible in the first place!
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