Merry Christmas – Season´s Greetings from Wolfgang Groß


Dear intervention team members, dear volunteers, dear supporters, dear sponsors, dear “humedicans”:

2018 was an eventful, moving, by all means challenging year, in which we were once again able to support people undergoing various, often life-threatening hardships. Many thanks to all of you, who made this help possible!

After a long year of targeted relief aid we at humedica now say good-bye for Christmas and leave for our company holiday, which will last till Three Kings Day - the 7th of January 2019 we will be back at your service. We hope and pray for a peaceful and merry Christmas.

Before leaving for the short break, we would like to send you off with a personal address by our general manager Wolfgang Groß:

We wish you and your families a blessed Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year! Let´s continue to make a difference also in the year to come!

Your humedica team

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