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Handing over the relief goods

The last days in Lombok our team has assisted our partner organization Karya Alpha Omega Foundation in preparing and coordinating the relief measures on site. The team of our partner organization had already travelled the island for several days, had been to villages which were almost totally destroyed. The people there urgently need help, in particular for the reconstruction of their accommodations.

Our humedica team has handed over all of the brought in relief goods and the medical material to the practitioners of the Karya Alpha Omega Foundation, who can now continue the medical treatment on site along the guidelines of the Indonesian government.

Übergabe der Hilfsgüter von humedica in Indonesien

The humedica intervention team members Klaus Ruhrmann (in the back on the left side) and Markus Hohlweck (on the right) handing over the supply goods and the medical material to Yuanita Oktiva (second from the right) and Carla Riupassa (on the left) from the Karya Alpha Omega Foundation. Photo: humedica/Karya Alpha Omega Foundation

It is now time for our team to leave Lombok and to start its journey home.

Arrival in Indonesia

Denpasar – after the team has completed a comfortable, although long, flight with a stopover in Dubai, also Matthias, Markus and Sonja have finally landed at 10:45 pm in Denpasar.

The rest of the team had already arrived a few hours earlier. Although happy that everybody has finally arrived safely, the team members had to exercise a considerable amount of patience. The customs clearance of the medical equipment took several hours, so they could finally leave the airport at about 2:30 a.m.

Luckily, our partner organization Karya Alpha Omega Foundation had already arranged an accommodation and the corresponding transfer. The team spent the morning to organize the next steps together with our partner organization on site.

Abstimmungsmeeting zwischen den humedica-Einsatzkräften und der Non Rawung

In Bali the intervention team met with the director of our partner organisation Karya Alpha Omega Foundation, Ms. Non Rawung, in order to coordinate the help. Photo: humedica/Jasper Ehrich

This afternoon the team will leave Denpasar to fly to Lombok. Unfortunately, no earlier flight was available, as the transfer by ferry was not possible due to the vulnerability to risk at the moment.

At the airport Lynn Warisse, a medical student from Würzburg, Germany, will join the team. Lynn, who had passed the humedica intervention training in June, at the moment was vacationing in Bali. She agreed to pause her holiday to support our team. We are very happy about her help.

We hope that in the morning our team will be able to obtain a clearer picture of the situation in Lombok in order to provide quick help on site. At the moment we only know that obviously the power supply has broken down. As soon as our team is on site, we will report more about the state of affairs.

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