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humedica sends out medical team to the Indonesian island Lombok

Emergency relief intervention after earthquakes measuring 7,0 on the Richter scale

by Lisa Wolff,  2018/08/06

humedica e.V. sends a six-person intervention team to the Indonesian island Lombok, which was hit by massive earthquakes measuring 7,0 on the Richter scale. The number of casualties after the earthquakes there is increasing constantly as well as the number of fatalities. The humedica intervention team members will leave this very day in order to bring help to the disaster region as fast as possible.

Only hours after the heavy earthquakes had hit the Indonesian island state Lombok, the local Indonesian organization Alpha Omega contacted humedica asking us to assist in an emergency aid intervention. "We have already cooperated several times with Alpha Omega in past emergency situations, so it did not take us long to come to the decision to support this relief intervention." explained Wolfgang Groß, general manager of humedica.

Sonja Diekmann (Peißenberg, Germany), Markus Hohlweck (Bonn, Germany), Matthias Gerloff (Tübingen, Germany), Alexander Jouwena (Heusden, Belgium), Benjamin Latzel (Bonn, Germany) and Klaus Ruhrmann (Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany) will go to Lombok in order to work as both coordinators and medical professionals for the humedica intervention team.

The humedica intervention team members will travel to the neighbor island Bali, where the earthquakes have also been felt. The local partner organization Alpha Omega will then arrange the onward transport to Lombok.

humedica asks the people in Germany to support this emergency aid intervention in Indonesia.

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