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humedica India sends out medical team to help flood victims in Kerala

by Lisa Wolff,  2018/08/20

humedica India sends out an intervention team to the South Indian state of Kerala, where more than 800.000 people had to be evacuated due to massive floodings. The number of suspected fatalities is up to 374 at the moment. The humedica team members plan to reach the village Vandiperiyar in the Idukki district on the 24th of August. Here approximately 2.000 people from the surrounding villages have found refuge in a school.

"The call for help came directly from Vandiperiyar", confirms the chairman of humedica India, Louis Kern. Due to the severe flood damages the journey to the disaster area involves a lot of logistic effort. Not only houses, but also many access roads have been destroyed or blocked by the floods. Under normal circumstances, the area can be reached in about eleven hours by car from the humedica India headquarters in Kolar Gold Fields. "For the first part of the journey we will use jeeps, later on we will probably have to use motorbikes in order to reach Vandiperiyar", explains Kern.

Benjamin Kern and Wilbur Manners will travel to the disaster region to work as coordinators for humedica. While working in the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren, Germany, for some time before, Benjamin Kern had passed the intervention training of the relief organization himself. Since then Kern had helped to organize two trainings in the humedica centre in Kolar Gold Fields, India, to prepare local medical professionals for relief interventions in the region. Several practitioners, nurses as well as other employees of humedica India and Peniel Ministries assist the two coordinators in the Kerala intervention and provide the medical treatment on site.

humedica basks the people in Germany to support this relief intervention by dedicated donations.

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