humedica India intervention team reaches Vandiperiyar

by Lisa Wolff,  2018/08/24

Our five-person humedica India intervention team has arrived safely in Vandiperiyar. "The situation here in the village has already stabilized a bit", reports humedica coordinator Benjamin Kern from the area of operation. "But many villages in the region are still cut off from the outside world and therefore can hardly be supported. Today we provided about 25 households in Thangamalai near Vandiperiyar with rice and cookies." The next day the team will organize a health camp for the villagers here.

Together with Dr. Wilbur Manners, Elvis Cotter, Ramesh and pastor Christie Benjamin Kern has travelled to the South Indian state of Kerala to treat the flood victims medically and to provide them with the most necessary supply goods. In Thangamalai the humedica India intervention team was additionally supported on site by the local coordinator Rajan.

Hilfsgüterverteilung von humedica India nach den Überschwemmungen in Kerala

The humedica India intervention team provided the people in the surroundings of Vandiperiyar with food. Many of them have lost all their belongings to the floods. Photo: humedica India

The people in Vandiperiyar have already received adequate medical treatment. Here the clearing works are about to begin. "We will stay here for the night and are already in close contact to the medical operations management of the regional government to decide together, where our help is needed the most urgently afterwards," tells us Kern.

In the meanwhile the number of people afflicted by the massive floodings has increased up to 1.000.000. Please continue to support the work of our intervention team in Kerala. Thank you so much!

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