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humedica hosts the international TEAMS trainings

Humanitarian workers from all over the world come to Irsee

by Steffen Richter,  2018/08/29

This year in June humedica was the third German organisation to be certified by the World Health Organization (WHO). Now the Kaufbeuren employees have to face the next challenge: from the 3rd to the 6th of September numerous international guests will participate in so-called TEAMS training on the sporting grounds of the TV Irsee. The event, decisively co-designed and hosted by humedica, will contribute to ameliorate the coordination process of the various players, who are involved in worldwide disaster relief work, as well as to establish and safeguard appropriate standards.

The humedica employees, who are responsible for the planning of the event, have to meet enormous logistic as well as organizational requirements to realize these three training days at the highest professional level possible. "Besides the theoretical courses we also have to organize a quantitatively high and quite challenging practical part, so we have already been preparing for months", tells us Yvonne Michel, administrator at the humedica headquarters. "The scenarios are very authentic, in fact, we are rebuilding real-life disaster situations. For the intervention camp for example we also involve many extras, who – authentically made-up – will support us by impersonating injured people as well as other roles."

The TEAMS training, accounted for by an international consortium of seven institutions from universities and other fields including humedica, was established to set standards for the relief work of the certified organizations and to better their coordination. "The aim of our combined efforts must be to provide best possible help to people in emergency situations of whatever kind, across all boundaries, mentalities and strategies", Yvonne Michel continues. "By offering this training as well as others, which will take place regularly in the future, we are well on our way."

In close cooperation with all members of the consortium the TEAMS training is structured in a way that allows to work worldwide along the same standards. Photo: humedica

For three days now Irsee will be occupied by the international disaster relief workers and, due to the intensive efforts to deliver enhanced reality, it is to be expected that sooner or later also astonished glances of onlookers will enlarge the scenarios. "There are certainly moments that are more thrilling than TV", laughs the head of organization Yvonne Michel. "Maybe this is the right moment to thank the municipality and in particular the TV Irsee for their great support, which made this training possible!"

You are welcome to follow the course of the training on our social media platforms as well as on our homepage.

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