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+++ Finally packing gifts again: "Present from the heart" ready to start +++ Dancing for humedica +++ A visit of the „Herzensmenschen” +++ A lot of hope behind Sudanese bars +++

Finally packing gifts again:"Present from the heart" ready to start

It is one highlight of the year for thousands of younger and older people from Bavaria and well beyond its borders: "Geschenk mit Herz", "Present from the heart", the Christmas campaign of humedica and its campaign and media partners Sternstunden e. V. and Bayern 2.

"Every year there are moments, when the commitment of the people moves me to tears.", says Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche, who coordinates the campaign together with her colleague Miriam Barta.

Ein Geschenk mit Herz für Kinder in Not

Happy children often living a daily life, which is not so happy at all: "Present from the heart" stands for lived Christmas joy. Photo: humedica

With more than 1.600 mentored collection points in Bavaria, 2017 set a record. The "Presents form the heart" are transported from these collection points to the humedica storehouse in Kaufbeuren in Germany; this task, too, is taken on by volunteer drivers. A specialized software plans the routes. In Kaufbeuren the parcels are finally checked with regard to customs regulations and also completed if necessary, so that all children receive a similarly endowed gift package. Then, at last, the journey starts for the "Presents from the heart".

If you would like to prepare a parcel, to act as a collection point or to support us otherwise as a volunteer: all information about the campaign in the most beautiful time of the year is available on "Geschenk mit Herz".

Dancing for humedica

For us it really is an encouragement each time we see the creativity and commitment of the people, who support our work. We would like to thank you all for your manifold support, week for week, day for day, once and again.

In a manner of speaking, our "representative" thanks for all those activities today goes to the Joseph-Bernhard-Gymnasium in Türkheim, Germany, for a donation of 657,51 Euro. One was tempted to call out "Rocknroll" to the audience, but in reality this entertaining charity evening was more a Latin American affair.

Is anybody out there looking for action? Wanting to engage? We already have some ideas ... ;-)

humedica would like to thank the Joseph-Bernhart-Gymnasium from Türkheim for this great and kind support, especially the committed high school graduates. Thank you so much!

A visit of the “Herzensmenschen” (heart people)

Some days ago, the gates of our storehouse were wide open. This time there were no trucks to be loaded, no, the warehouse became a quite cosy place for a not really small event. humedica organized a colorful evening to thank all its volunteers, who have been supporting humedica for years in a row.

About 100 guests were welcomed by humedica to the so-called volunteer event, which takes place two times a year, in spring as well as in autumn. "There are so many tasks we could not take on without the help of our volunteers.", explains Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche, humedica employee and main coordinator of the volunteer event. Office duties, transport services, public relations, washing plush toys, sorting out parcels – the tasks are numerous and manifold.

"Once again, it was a really great evening." says humedica colleague Miriam Barta, who took part for the first time. "I was rather impressed to get to know all these people, who make our work possible."

Bedient werden beim humedica-Helferfest

Two times a year humedica invites the volunteers to a colorful evening, neither lacking tasty food or friendly service. Photo: humedica

By organizing regular volunteer events humedica wishes to express its thanks to its volunteers for their invaluable help.

Auch der Austausch mit anderen Ehrenamtlichen darf nicht fehlen

About 100 volunteers were happy to accept the invitation of humedica. Photo: humedica

If you would like to support our work as a volunteer, you are welcome to contact Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche. We are looking forward to your call or mail. Or even your personal visit?

A lot of hope behind Sudanese bars

In the North American country Sudan humedica runs one of the most long-term and extensive projects of its history. After the very violent and loss-making civil war, which went on for years and years, between 2004 and 2010 humedica provided comprehensive medical aid in the province of Darfur, trained local personnel, distributed relief goods and coordinated the construction of 40 school houses. This engagement has benefitted in total about 1,1 million people.

Even after the official end of the project eight years ago, humedica pracitioners once and again travel to this country, which is still tormented by conflicts and poverty. They return to places nobody would like to visit under normal circumstances, nowhere on this planet. Their destination are prisons, where people live under most adverse conditions a life without any perspective, often without any medical care. Unfortunately, often also without a fair trial and constitutional jurisdiction.

Ausgabe von Medis in einem sudanesischen Gefängnis

Distributing medicaments in a Sudanese prison. Photo: humedica/Sonja Küster

Now nine medical professionals take this adventure on again: team leader Dr. Johannes Höß (Ulm, Germany), the practitioners Dr. Claudia Künneth-Schmutz (Munich, Germany), Ruth Weber (Memmingen, Germany) and Maria Teresa Britzger (Hamburg, Germany), the nurses Stefanie Heckenberger (Schemmerhofen, Germany), Jacqueline Marie Colin (Mortsel/Belgium), Marietta Strümpfler (Mühlhausen, Germany) and Annerose Blessing (Degenhauertal, Germany) and the medical student Alicia Lamle (Berlin, Germany).

Dear team, we would like to thank you all for your time-consuming engagement. You are in our thoughts.

In November we will at least here report about the operation and the personal experiences of the intervention team members. So it´s well worth to visit again!

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