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+++ Little ones acting big +++ Gospel Works sings for humedica +++ Sparkasse piggy bank for humedica +++ Flee market for paintings +++ Team building with Allgäu Events +++

Little ones acting big

In the humedica headquarters we were quite amazed when three young ladies with very big hearts passed by last week. For the second time already Valentina (six years), Anna (nine years) and Sophia (ten years) had organised a sale for the benefit of humedica. In front of their grandmother´s home they had sold grapes and plums – with great success. On the whole they had earned 19 Euro for the humedica children and education projects.

But that was not all: they also brought six lovingly filled and colourfully packed "Presents from the heart". They handed them over directly to our parcel packing centre and used the opportunity to visit all our other busy helpers in the humedica Christmas workshop.

Drei Mädchen geben ihre Geschenke mit Herz bei humedica ab

Valentina, Sophia and Anna with humedica employee and "Present from the heart" project manager Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche in the humedica Christmas centre. Photo: humedica

Dear Valentina, Sophia and Anna, you really are amazing! Thank you very much for your great support and your big hearts! Drop in on us anytime, we are looking forward to seeing you again!

Gospel Works sings for humedica

Gospel Works from Celle had sung to collect donations for humedica. So many guests had accepted the invitation of the gospel choir that the "Kreuzkirche" was filled to capacity.

In between entrancing melodies the choir member and humedica intervention team member Brigitte Nieberlein gave moving reports on the missions, she had undertaken for the aid organization - for example on her stay in Greece to support the refugee aid, her journeys to Ethiopia to help the Kara tribe or to Uganda to provide medical help for prisoners.

By the end of the evening Brigitte Nieberlein and Gospel Works have jointly collected more than 1.000 Euro, which will now benefit the aid projects of humedica.

A great thank you to all of you!

Flee market for paintings

In November it was the time for art and culture: In the “Mindelheim Parlor“ the Allgäu artist Gabriele Ritter has organized an auction to sell her paintings, it´s whole revenue of 840 Euro will benefit the humanitarian aid of humedica.

Gabriele Ritter beim Bilderflohmarkt zugunsten von humedica

Gabriele Ritter donated the revenue of her painting´s flee market to the Kaufbeuren aid organisation humedica to support worldwide relief projects. Photo: Gabriele Ritter

Dear Ms. Ritter, we thank you very much for this – in the truest sense of the word – beautiful engagement!

Sparkasse piggy bank for humedica

Shopping makes you hungry – and thirsty as well, as clearly noted by the Sparkasse Kaufbeuren in the course of this year´s Candlelight Shopping Event: in the “Sparkassen Arcade” the shopping night lovers enjoyed mulled wine and punch. This did not only taste the many visitors of the long shopping night. Along with each handed-out beverage also the stomach of the Sparkasse piggy bank was neatly filled for the benefit of humedica: in the Candlelight Shopping Night the Sparkasse Kaufbeuren employees offered the free mulled wine to support the non-profit organisation humedica with voluntary donations.

humedica-Helfer bei der Spendenübergabe mit der Sparkasse

From the left to the right: Hans Spazierer, Wolfgang Schüller, Michael Sambeth (head of marketing at the Sparkasse Kaufbeuren) and Herbert Hofer handing over the piggy bank in the “Sparkassen Arcade”. Photo: humedica

Michael Sambeth, head of marketing at the Sparkasse Kaufbeuren, handed over the bulging piggy bank to the humedica helpers Herbert Hofer, Hans Spazierer and Wolfgang Schüller. A look inside showed that exactly 69,70 Euro were collected in the course of the Candlelight Shopping and will now support the work of humedica.

We say: thank you so much for this great initiative and support!

Team building with Allgäu Events

Before the winter came to the Allgäu in earnest, beautiful weather offered the humedica employees the chance to strengthen their team spirit outdoors – this time outside of disasters and relief missions. Allgäu Events presented the humedica team with the big challenge to reproduce a disaster intervention in form of a chain reaction. This did not only require strategic thinking as well as skilled craftmanship - above all the focus was on the cooperation of the various small groups – exactly like in real case scenarios.

humedica beim Team-Tag mit Allgäu Events

Bright sunshine accompanied the challenge for the humedica employees set by Allgäu Events: Does the team work function well even in a set-up disaster situation? Photo: humedica

The plan went ahead: Thanks to the great support of Allgäu Events the humedica employees did not only have a funny, but also a challenging team day, which will be talked about in the headquarters for quite a long time. Thank you so much!

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