Humedica headlines January 2018

by ESC,  2018/01/31

+++ ESV Kaufbeuren Christmas match – jerseys for the benefit of humedica +++ Airport Memmingen and V-Markt support humedica +++ Student nurses collect funds for Haiti +++ MIAMED: Medical knowledge database AMBOSS for humedica +++ Linara GmbH employees donate 1.000 Euro +++ Konradin elementary school pupils donate 900 Euro +++

ESV Kaufbeuren Christmas match – jerseys for the benefit of humedica

Shortly before Christmas it got sportive: for their home game against the Bayreuth Tigers the sports club Eissportverein Kaufbeuren (ESVK) wore very special Christmas jerseys: the shirtfronts of the festively designed sports shirts featured prominently the humedica logo.

But that was just the start of this inventive support: after the game the jerseys worn by the field players were auctioned at eBay – and the revenue of 5.000 Euro will completely benefit humedica.

Spieler des ESVK im humedica-Weihnachtsdress

ESVK field players in their humedica Christmas jerseys. Photo: Lahr Fotografie

The ESVK has already supported humedica for quite a long time either by ice hockey games in specially designed jerseys featuring the humedica logo, fundraising campaigns or charity dinners for the benefit of humedica.

humedica would like to thank the ESVK from the heart for both this very special donation campaign and its long-standing support.

Airport Memmingen and V-Markt support humedica

Since April 2016 the Airport Memmingen runs a special fundraising campaign for humedica. Instead of throwing their deposit bottles away into waste bins in front of the security checkpoints, the air passengers can now place them into dedicated collection containers. These are regularly emptied by humedica volunteers (at times even daily), who also collect the bottle deposit at the local V-Markt.

In November 2016 already the first donation of 5.000 Euro had been handed over to humedica. This great result was even topped in 2017: at the Airport Memmingen Andreas Loritz (Airport Memmingen) and Fritz Niederwald (V-Markt Memmingen) could now pass on a cheque for 9.271 Euro to Esther Schwan.

„It is great to see that we were able to reach this amazing result together and that these funds will allow for various humanitarian support “, said Andreas Loritz, head of Non-Aviation at the Airport Memmingen, after the ceremony.

The project will continue in 2018: this year as well the containers will be ready to collect the deposit bottles at the Allgäu Airport Memmingen. Good to know: also passengers at the Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport and the Bodensee Airport Friedrichshafen have the possibility to donate the deposit of their bottles to humedica.

(v.l.) Andreas Loritz (Flughafen Memmingen), Fritz Niederwald (V-Markt Memmingen), Esther Schwan und Edwin Nägele

(from the left) Andreas Loritz (Airport Memmingen), Fritz Niederwald (V-Markt Memmingen), Esther Schwan and Edwin Nägele (both humedica). Photo: humedica.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Allgäu Airport Memmingen and the V-Markt Memmingen as well as to all humedica volunteers for their great commitment.

Student nurses collect funds for Haiti

Since the terrible earthquakes in 2010 humedica cooperates with the Foundation pour les Enfants d´Haiti of Gladys Thomas. In Haiti she runs among other organizations kindergartens, schools, an orphanage and the „Hospital Espoir“. In December Gladys Thomas now visited the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren.

In the course of her visit Gladys Thomas held a presentation for student nurses of the Berufsfachschule für Krankenpflege und Kinderkrankenpflege at the hospital Klinikum Memmingen. She made such a strong impression that the students of the second training year initiated their own humanitarian project: „Students help students“. Every month all trainees donated two Euro for each year of their training. Thus in just 6 months more than 600 Euro were collected, which were passed on to Johannes Peter from humedica. The instructors of the vocational school too let themselves get infected by the enthusiasm and organized a resuscitation torso for Gladys Thomas.

(v.l.): Der stellvertrende Schulleiter der Berufsfachschule für Krankenpflege am Klinikum Memmingen, Siegfried Beer, mit Gladys Thomas und Schulleiter der Berufsfachschule, Fridolin Bruckner

(from the left) Vice-principal of the vocational nursing school at the Klinikum Memmingen, Siegfried Beer, with Gladys Thomas and the headmaster of the vocational school, Fridolin Bruckner. Photo: humedica.

The funds have already been handed over and now enable a school girl to study at the nursing school in Haiti. The resuscitation torso will be brought in person to Haiti in the course of the next visit of humedica at the Foundation pour les Enfants d´Haiti.

Also in the name of Gladys Thomas we thank the students and instructors of the vocational nursing school for their great engagement and are already looking forward to further co-operations.

MIAMED: Medical knowledge database AMBOSS for humedica

The enterprise Miamed situated in Cologne and Berlin offers with AMBOSS a medical knowledge database, which supports medical students and practitioners in their learning respectively in their occupational daily routine. humedica as well now has the opportunity to profit from this extensive medical knowledge.

As a new sponsor Miamed provides humedica intervention team members and practitioners on site with access to their AMBOSS database as medical reference work.

„Our vision is to improve the global health by offering practitioners all over the world access to the best possible knowledge. We very much appreciate the medical help provided by humedica and are more than happy to be able to assist humedica with our database.“ tells us Dr. med. Sievert Weiss, co-founder of Miamed.

Dr. med. Sievert Weiss (Mitgründer von Miamed) mit Johannes Peter (humedica)

Dr. med. Sievert Weiss (Miamed co-founder) with Johannes Peter (humedica). Photo: humedica.

In the name of all humedica intervention team members we thank Dr. Sievert Weiss and the whole Miamed team very much.

Linara GmbH employees donate 1.000 Euro

Also the Linara GmbH employees from Kaufbeuren have been busy collecting funds during Christmas time, among others by organizing a tombola. They collected 1.000 Euro in total, which were presented to humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß as a „New Years Gift“ at Linara.

„We are glad to support with this little contribution a great committment. A great Thank You to all our employees, who made this donation possible by their own engagement. “

Leif Würtz, authorized signatory at Linara GmbH

v.l.: Stefan Ried (Linara), Jürgen Jacoby, Wolfgang Groß (beide <strong>humedica</strong>), Leif Würtz und Marc Pohl (beide Linara)

From the left: Stefan Ried (Linara), Jürgen Jacoby, Wolfgang Groß (both humedica), Leif Würtz and Marc Pohl (both Linara). Photo: Linara.

500 Euro will go to the humedica kindergarten „Arche“ in Kaufbeuren, another 500 Euro will support the foundation „Nächstenliebe in Aktion” (Charity in Action).

The whole humedica team would like to thank all Linara GmbH employees for their great commitment.

Konradin elementary school pupils donate 900 Euro

The smallest play big: the 300 pupils of the Konradin elementary school from Kaufbeuren collected 900 Euro in total for humedica. The revenues come from the school´s Christmas bazaar, for which the children crafted and sold candles and other items.

Lehrer und Schüler der Konradin-Grundschule überreichen den Scheck im Wert von 900 Euro an Beate Schorer(humedica)

Teachers and pupils of the Konradin elementary school handed over the cheque of 900 Euro to Beate Schorer (humedica).

In the course of two presentations at the elementary school the donation was passed on to Beate Schorer from humedica. The funds will benefit the humedica children day care centre in the Ethiopian Kazanchis.

Also in the name of the children from Ethiopia we would like to thank the pupils, parents and teachers of the Konradin elementary school for their great engagement.

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