humedica headlines December 2018

by Lisa Wolff,  2018/12/31

+++ travellunch for humedica EMT +++ New Apostolic Church donates 10.000 Euro for Indonesia +++ Gartencenter Gilg sells mulled wine for the benefit of humedica +++ Topstar chairs for humedica supply aid +++ Johannes Kiehl KG supports humedica with donations in kind and 20.000 Euro +++

Travellunch for humedica EMT

In the future humedica Emergency Medical Team members must be able to provide for themselves autonomously. This includes not only electricity and water, but also food supply. In order to lighten this – also logistic – challenge in the best sense of the word, the Simpert Reiter GmbH supports the EMT intervention team equipment with a special prize as well as an additional donation of travellunch.

Spezialnahrung von travellunch für das Emergency Medical Team von humedica

As of now part of the humedica EMT equipment: travellunch, mixed with water it will provide the intervention team members with breakfast, lunch and supper. Photo: humedica

travellunch is a special food, which can easily be prepared and will feed our intervention team members wholesomely while adding only little weight to the intervention team luggage.

We say “Thank You” - and “Enjoy your meal”!

New Apostolic Church donates 10.000 Euro for Indonesia

In the past months humedica sent out two intervention teams to Indonesia to support the local Karya Alpha Omega Foundation – to the islands of Lombok and Sulawesi, which have been hit heavily by earthquakes. Now human aktiv, the Relief Organisation of the New Apostolic Church South Germany e.V. supports this emergency and disaster relief aid with a donation of 10.000 Euro.

"The first aid of humedica and therefore the love as well as the individual engagement for children, youths and adults in these often inaccessible regions offers these people a kind of new homeland. We, the New Apostolic Church, would like to provide support for this commitment.“, comments Wolfgang Zenker from the New Apostolic Church this engagement.

Spendenübergabe der Neuapostolischen Kirche an humedica

Wolfgang Zenker from human aktiv Das Hilfswerk der Neuapostolischen Kirche Süddeutschland e.V. visited the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren to hand over in person the impressive cheque worth 10.000 Euro to Heinke Rauscher, the corporate communications manager at humedica. Photo: humedica

From our heart we thank for this ongoing support and are looking forward to further collaborations in the future!

Gartencenter Gilg sells mulled wine for the benefit of humedica

The Buchloe company Gartencenter Gilg came up with something special this year to support the work of humedica: The revenue of the mulled wine serving at the Christmas market will benefit completely our relief aid projects. And that´s not all: the garden center rounded up the revenue so that general manager Georg Gilg could present the tidy amount of 1.000 Euro.

Spendenübergabe vom Gartencenter Gilg an humedica

Garden center general manager Georg Gilg handed over the 1.000 Euro donation to Heinke Rauscher in the humedica headquarters. Photo: humedica

We are very glad about this engagement and would like to express our thanks.

Topstar chairs for the humedica supply aid

A big "Thank You“ goes also to the Topstar GmbH. Once again the company supports the humedica supply aid by donating various chairs for our projects worldwide.

"Before the presentation of the chairs we went on a factory tour, which was quite fascinating,” reports Heinke Rauscher from humedica. "It was lovely to get to know the Topstar employees and its management in person.”

Spendenübergabe von Topstar an humedica

Went on a Topstar GmbH factory tour together (from the left to the right): Michael Wagner, Heinke Rauscher and Wolfgang Schüller from humedica, Prof. Dr. Rainer Maria Wagner and Rudolf Beckert. Photo: Alessio Altavilla

There are already plans for further cooperation in the new year: Topstar will provide 135 stacking chairs for the new Caritas Center for Social Innovation and Life Quality in Târgu Mureş, Romania, which is supported by humedica.

We thank you from our heart for this great, longstanding assistance!

Johannes Kiehl KG supports humedica with donations in kind and 20.000 Euro

Since 2014 already the Johannes Kiehl KG contributes the relief projects of humedica. This year again the Odelzhausen enterprise did not only make the important donation in kind of disinfectants worth 5.000 Euro, but also a monetary donation of 20.000 Euro to support our work.

We appreciate this great assistance very much – and also are very glad about the conviction behind this commitment, which the general manager Johannes Peter Kiehl explained to Heinke Rauscher, the company communications manager at humedica.

We would like to thank you from all our heart!

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