How humedica helps refugees in the Lebanon


The situation must be desperate if you decide to escape overnight and leave behind everything you own for an uncertain future. And yet in these times many people are forced to do so – more than ever before. According to UNO reports currently 68,5 million people are on the run worldwide, half of them children – as many as never before. And the numbers are rising constantly. The main reasons, why people leave their home countries, are hunger and draughts, but also wars and prosecution.

Like in Syria. Here war has been raging for many years now with no end in sight. Who is able to, flees – in the hope to survive elsewhere. For example in the neighbouring country Lebanon. This state counting about four million inhabitants has taken in approximately 1,5 million refugees. Many of them ended up living in the Bekaa valley, where humedica supports these people on site.

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