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Help for the Yemen

humedica sends out second relief goods transport including important cholera medicine

by Lisa Wolff,  2018/12/18

The humanitarian crisis in the Yemen, a consequence of the civil war, still continues. According to the UN Refugee Aid Organisation the food supply for the majority of the Yemenites is in jeopardy. 1.8 million children are malnourished. More than a million people in the Yemen are infected with Cholera, the lack of access to clean water heightens this danger additionally. Overall 22.2 million people – and that means about three quarters of the Yemenite population – depend on humanitarian aid.

After the first relief goods supply covering of 17.5 tons of important medicine, infusion devices and solutions in July 2017, humedica has send out another container to the Yemen in 2018. Besides medical equipment also 1.8 tons of medicaments as well as 6.2 tons of Cholera Kits, so-called DDKs (Interagency Diarrhoeal Disease Kits), were handed over to the local partner organization ADRA Yemen: With the help of each of these DDKs about 100 severe respectively 400 moderate Cholera infections can be treated as well as 100 adults or children, who have been infected with the Shigella Dysenteriae bacteria.

Hilfsgüterlieferung von humedica und ADRA im Jemen

humedica and ADRA provided the Yemen in 2018 with overall 8 tons of relief goods supply including important medicine for the treatment of Cholera as well as medical devices. Photo: ADRA

The political situation and the difficult safety situation in the Yemen had complicated the relief goods transport, so that in the end the goods were not send by airplane as planned, but by container ship and overland transport. When the medicaments, the Cholera Kits and the medical devices finally arrived in Hodeida, our partner on ADRA Yemen distributed them to six hospitals and health stations in Hodeida, Al-Jawf and Hajjah.

Mitarbeiter von humedica und ADRA

humedica employee Johanna Bischoff meeting Ephraim Palmero from ADRA to discuss the further cooperation in the Yemen. Photo: ADRA

"The current situation in the Yemen is still bad." describes the responsible humedica employee Johanna Bischoff the circumstances on site in the country. "We are very glad about the cooperation with ADRA, which gives us the opportunity to provide at least a bit of relief to the people there."

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