For mothers and their children in Niger

How the humedica hospital in Kollo works

by Sebastian Zausch,  2018/04/26

The good news first: there is hardly any other country where the number of mothers, who die before or after giving birth to a child, has been reduced to such an extent like in Niger.

But nevertheless, way too many women lose their lives before, during or after delivery. 553 women per 100.000 live births, that is the ratio reported by the World Health Organisation WHO in 2015. In comparison: in Germany it is no more than seven women currently. With 5,2 per cent, also the quota of children, who lose their lives before their first birthday, stands still very high.

In the second poorest state of the world, humedica runs together with its partner Hosanna Institut du Sahel a clinic, which focusses on the health of mothers and their children. Our colleague Sebastian Zausch was on site in Niger for humedica.

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