Flood relief India: Intervention report by the medical team of humedica in Kerala


It is raining again in the South Indian state of Kerala. But the situation after the massive floodings is calming down steadily. The people now start to sort through their remaining belongings.

The medical team of humedica India is still operating in the region surrounding Vandiperiyar. In the last days they were able to provide medical care for about 300 people and to distribute food packages to approximately 75 households.

"While visiting the villages Thangamalai, Chandravavan and Peermade we became aware of the full extent of the devastation", tells us Benjamin Kern, who acts as coordinator for the humedica India medical team on site. "But thanks to early flood warnings the people were able to take precautions in time, so that, luckily, the number of fatalities was relatively low." Approximately half of the patients treated by the medical team had symptoms caused by the flood disaster. "The other half were treated for other diseases and chronical disorders."

In the coming days the humedica medical team will continue to provide medical care and to distribute food. But the reconstruction and the way back to normality will take quite a long time for the people in Kerala.

To meet these challenges the people in India are in urgent need of assistance. Thank you so much for your support!

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