Earthquake relief intervention Indonesia: Update by our partner organization


Even so the medical humedica team has in the meanwhile safely returned to Germany due to the directive of the Indonesian government that international teams are no longer needed, the relief measures in the disaster area financed by humedica continue without interruption.

The practitioners of our local partner organization Karya Alpha Omega Foundation carry on the work incessantly and, up to yesterday, were able to provide 1.134 patients with the medical relief supply provided by humedica. Alpha Omega also plans to send out another medical intervention team to Lombok.

"Our team currently provides the medical treatment in the region of Sigar Penjalin", reports the director of the organization, Non Rawung. "Here in the North West of the Lombok island about 4.000 people have gathered, who have lost their homes due to the earthquakes."

Trying to reach as many people as possible, the medical helpers of Karya Alpha Omega visited even the more remote villages of the area. Here the destruction caused by the tremors is especially heavy. Therefore the intervention team distributed 300 tents and 2.000 coats to the affected people, paid for also by humedica donations.

Zerstörung im einen der vielen Dörfer im Nordwesten der Insel Lombok

Many villages have nearly been totally destroyed by the earthquakes. The humedica partner organization Karya Alpha Omega Foundation distributed tents to the affected people. On the long run comprehensive reconstruction measures will be necessary. Photo: humedica/Karya Alpha Omega Foundation

"Often the tremors have destroyed almost the complete villages, including the sanitary installations", explains Rawung. "At the moment we are installing temporary latrines in the villages. In the long term comprehensive reconstruction efforts will be indispensable."

humedica also assists the reconstruction activities of the Karya Alpha Omega Foundation in the Indonesian island of Lombok. Please support us to make this help possible. Thank you so much!

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