At work for the humedica disaster relief intervention: arrival in Indonesia


Our intervention team members do an unbelievable job in the course of the humedica disaster relief interventions. Like Sonja Diekmann from Peißenberg, Germany, who escorts the present intervention team to Lombok in Indonesia as coordinator. After having successfully passed the humedica intervention training she had already been part of our team in Greece to help on site in the course of the refugee crisis. Lombok is her first immediate alerting call.

Shortly before her departure to Indonesia, she told us how she experienced this moment and what our team members have to manage in the few hours left between consenting to participate in the intervention and setting off to their destination

In the meanwhile our intervention team has already safely landed in Bali. Tomorrow they will travel on to their final destination, the island of Lombok.

humedica asks the people in Germany to support the disaster relief work in Indonesia.

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