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Youth refugees donate meal allowances

200 EUR handed over to humedica

by LKO,  2017/12/21

A group of unaccompanied minor refugees from Bad Wörishofen initiated an especially solidary campaign for the benefit of humedica: the youths, who are cared for by the Rummelsberger Diakonie, collected their meal allowances during the Muslim fasting month Ramadan and handed now over the revenue of about 200 EUR to humedica with the request to spend it on concrete help for suffering people.

On the whole, nine youths from Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia took part in the campaign. One of them, Yama from Afghanistan, has found refuge in Germany from the violence in his home country. humedica provides important help in many parts of the world and we would like to support this engagement. We can not give much, but what we give comes from our heart.“, explains the sixteen year-old the motivation for this commitment.

The youths from the Rummelsberger Diakonie with division manager Thomas Reuß (second from the left) and humedica employee Beate Schorer. Photo: humedica

To the humedica team in Kaufbeuren this support came as a surprise: „We are always glad about the many different ideas and activities to collect money for our work. But we have never seen before that youths, who have not much of their own, saved their meal allowances to donate it for people in need. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for their engagement.“, said Beate Schorer, who accepted the donation and presented the youths with insights in the worldwide relief work of humedica.

In the name of all beneficiaries humedica thanks most sincerely for this very special form of support!
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