Transparency for your donations

Three questions to the head of DZI Burkhard Wilke

by Sebastian Zausch,  2017/07/20

Where do my donations go? Does my support really get through to where it is needed most? These are questions often asked rightfully by sponsors of aid organisations. We from humedica can answer these questions right away without hesitation: if you dedicate your donation to a certain project, the money arrives exactly where you wanted it to go. If you do not assign your donation to a certain cause, the money goes to where it is needed most at the moment. We are able to prove this anytime because transparency is our highest priority - transparency not only to our donors, but also to the German Central Institute for Social Issues (Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen, DZI).

The DZI donation seal stands for the responsible handling of donations.

Every year the DZI assigns its donation seal to attest the awarded organisations that they handle their donations responsibly. humedica has continually received the DZI donation seal since 2008. Recently DZI general manager Burkhard Wilke convinced himself once again in person of the quality of our relief work. In the following short interview he told us in German how he sees the current worldwide developments and the role of non-governmental organisations such as humedica.

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