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The third humedica Entrepreneurs Day attracts decision-makers and managers from all over Germany

by Steffen Richter,  2017/09/29

The retiring Vice President of the Bundestag Johannes Singhammer (CSU) summarised in his keynote, what approximately 100 participants of the 3rd humedica Entrepreneurs Day at the “Pforzener Flohwiese” felt likewise after the first half day: the worldwide engagement of the ever growing aid organisation humedica is both important for thousands of aid recipients and respected within high political circles as apparent by the presence of the Vice President of the Bundestag, his fellow party member Stephan Stracke, the attendance of Nino Schramm representing the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as of top-level managers from all over Germany.

Since 2015 the Kaufbeuren aid organisation humedica organises its so-called Entrepreneurs Day thus reflecting the growing importance of company co-operations for the daily working life.

„For many years now we are supported by private donations, generally of individuals, and, in particular, by the commitment of our volunteers.“ explains humedica co-founder and general manager Wolfgang Groß. „Over the last years also the engagement of companies has increased significantly; a great asset for our interventions.“

Three years ago, humedica installed a new position in the field of public relations to take care of the communication with commercial companies and to organise this yearly meeting.

Thematically, humedica could not have been more up-to-date with regard to the current political discussion in Germany after the parliamentary elections. „Value-orientated Management“ was the keynote topic of the presentation by Johannes Singhammer, the Vice President of the Bundestag already mentioned above. Politics, business, all parts of our society and therefore also our daily personal life are marked by major changes today. If the world seems to get out of hand, consciously lived values are important components for stability in all areas of our individual and collective life, which also and foremost includes a responsible company culture.

„Which management processes are relevant for internationally acting players?“ Raphael Marcus, head of International Projects at humedica raised this question in his presentation. While preparing its worldwide interventions, also humedica has to face each time serious organisational and logistic challenges as well as a lot of uncertainties; for the majority of the attendants it was both new and interesting to hear about which concepts, standards and developments are used to overcome them.

The varied afternoon concluded with the futurologist, bestselling author and popular speaker Eric Händeler talking about the topic „Digitisation and Industry 4.0: Why now the people behind the technology count“. Using fine, pointedly humorous and often revealing rhetoric he pointed out that it is never only about technology, but also about co-operation, the willingness for conciliation, transparency und authenticity.

The speaker Erik Händeler offered fascinating insights in the topics of futurology and digitisation. Photo: Wolfgang Zwanzger

The focus was not only on the content of the papers, but also on the exchange of the attendants, whose companies of various industries are situated in all parts of Germany. The common approach to support humedica provided for many interesting discussions and connecting factors, as confirmed by Bernhard Settele, general manager of the wildgeist agency from Kempten: „Even so I already keep up with the work of humedica for several years now and engage myself in the course of emergency interventions, I really appreciate the added value of this Entrepreneurs Day.“

At the third humedica Entrepreneurs Day also the opening of the photography exhibition „Die Sache mit dem Wasser” (The Importance of Water) took place, which presents 40 pictures of the well-known Berlin photographer Thomas Grabka taken this summer in the course of a humedica project in Pakistan. For one year the exhibition will tour around Germany supporting the campaign “#nichtvergesser” (#those, who do not forget). Initiated and funded by the German Foreign Office 14 German organisations organise various campaigns to point out forgotten crises.

„We are very glad that we could attract so many top-level managers and leadership personalities to the Allgäu.“, sums up the responsible coordinator at humedica, Heinke Rauscher, directly after the Entrepreneurs Day. „It feels good to have such a broad support from all areas of society for the aid of people in need.“

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