Great success: the first humedica Sponsor´s Day

Fascinating insights into the worldwide activities of humedica

by LKO,  2017/05/29

Where goes my regular donation to humedica? What are the impacts of the implemented relief measures in the project countries? And how does a full-time employee at the humedica headquarters in Kaufbeuren work? Sponsors have many rightful and interesting questions regarding humanitarian help and its benefits for people in need. The first humedica Sponsor´s Day in May this year tried to provide answers.

The campaign day addressed the sponsors, who help humedica with a regular monthly donation in an amount of their choice to support a relief topic dear to their heart. The event started at 2 pm with interesting insights into the origins of humedica. In a very personal presentation general manager Wolfgang Groß gave the 95 visitors an overview over the development and the range of the organisation´s activities since humedica´s foundation in 1979 and explained, where humanitarian help is most needed at the moment.

humedica Förderertag Kaufbeuren Aktionstag Spende

The visitors of the first Sponsor´s Day gained detailed insights in the work of humedica. Photo: humedica

Thematic presentations informed the humedica sponsors, which relief measures could be implemented within the projects thanks to their support in the last years. humedica employee Natascha Greg had been on site on the Philippines just a few days before. She reported how the people, who had been affected heavily by the typhoon „Haiyan“, are now again able to provide for themselves and care for their families thanks to the support from Germany. Intensive care nurse Dorothea Hörsch talked about her experiences as humedica intervention team member after the heavy earthquake in Nepal 2015 and illustrated, how targeted measures support needy families till date.

A special highlight was the live video broadcast with the humedica children day care centre in the Ethiopian Kazanchis. humedica employee Susanne Merkel, who supervises the humedica Ethiopian projects on site, explained why slum children get a real chance for a better future in the day care centre and pointed out which challenges the current famine entailed for the whole region.

The presentations were completed by guided tours of the storage and office facilities of humedica. A base camp, which has been put up especially for this day along with the necessary field technology equipment such as satellite phones and mobile printers, illustrated the living and working conditions of a humanitarian intervention team member on site in a disaster region. The visitors showed particular interest in the also presented “Medi-Kit” - the medical equipment for the emergency treatment of up to 3.000 patients.

The demonstration base camp illustrated the living and working conditions of an emergency relief intervention member. Photo: humedica

Of course the first humedica Sponsor´s Day offered also an extensive supporting programme. Many voluntary bakers had made a special effort to provide for a lavish cake buffet. The children had fun making gypsum hands with our voluntary helpers.

„At the first humedica Sponsor´s Day we wanted to give our permanent sponsors a deeper insight in our work and to show them the impact of their donation. To my opinion that has been a full success“, says coordinator Cecilia Homilius at the end of the day. „This campaign day will surely take place again next year.“

If you are also planning to support the work of humedica with a regular donation, you are welcome to join our sponsor association. As an association member your will receive not only an invitation to the next Sponsor´s Day, but also a report on the implementation of your contribution twice a year as well as further information about the worldwide help of humedica upon request.

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