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run4humedica: Doing good by running

Summer, sun, running, fun and dedicated help

by Sebastian Zausch,  2017/08/02

The sun is shining, it is warm, people are flocking outside. It is summer and summertime is running time, even for pupils. When the air gets warm and the steam runs out, when all exams are written and the marks are fixed, many institutions organise sport events and sometimes also think of people, who live under conditions, which differ considerably from those in Germany.

Like the secondary school in Kempten, Germany. In July it asked its 350 students to run, however, not merely for nothing, but for the good cause. This kind of campaign is called run4humedica, its principle is simple: the coordinator defines a running track and the runners look for sponsors, who are ready to pay a certain amount of money for each run lap. The total revenue supports the worldwide work of humedica or benefits a dedicated humedica project.

Each lap is recorded also at the run4humedica in Günzburg. Photo: humedica

The secondary school in Kempten, Germany, decided to dedicate its campaign to the children and education projects of humedica, the revenue of the pupils´ run will therefore benefit our children day care centres in Ethiopia, Brazil and the Kosovo. They offer children from a poor background considerably better educational prospects and thus a chance to break the cycle of poverty.

Running for the humedica famine relief work

This summer also other schools have run, mainly for our famine relief work in the East of Africa, where about 23 million people suffer from a massive famine caused by severe weather conditions.

In this context, humedica has already helped in many ways this year: for instance we transported approximately 600 cubic meters of drinking water to the Somali region in Eastern Ethiopia to refill the emptied water reservoir of the Hodley village.

In April humedica initiated a relief good ferry flight to the East of Africa. Photo: humedica

In cooperation with the Airbus Foundationhumedica could also use an airplane of the Ethiopian Airlines for free to transport nine tons of medicaments, food and medical emergency equipment directly to the affected area. The supply goods were distributed immediately afterwards to 10.600 mal- and undernourished children in the South and East of Ethiopia. This helped to strengthen their weakened immune system and to avoid the infection with life-threatening sequential diseases.

In early July humedica organised trucks to bring 40 tons of therapeutic aliments from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to the Somaliland.

Presentations give the runners an impression of how our relief interventions work. Photo: humedica

humedica´s help is effective. But it also costs money. We therefore depend on donations, for example collected by a run4humedica campaign. The 180 pupils of the elementary school Thalhofen in Marktoberdorf, Germany, earned more than 7.000 Euro by running for our famine relief projects in Eastern Africa. The humedica employee Beate Schorer gave them a short presentation to explain how this relief intervention works.

Also the students of the Dominikus Zimmermann secondary school in Günzburg, Germany, did not only run for people in need, but also followed up with their situation. There and in Landsberg am Lech, Germany, where the pupils of the Fritz Beck School collected 1.800 Euro by running for humedica, info panels informed about the living conditions abroad in the project countries.

humedica informed about its famine relief work also in Marktoberdorf. Photo: humedica

The Middle School of Marktoberdorf, Germany, left it for its students to choose the project they would like to support. In the end they, too, decided to help starving people in Africa. This aim spurred some of them to top performances: one pupil even ran 63 laps for the humedica project, which corresponds to more than 25 kilometers.

But the run4humedica campaign is not only suitable for schools. Also companies and private initiatives can run for people in need. The humedica team is pleased to assist your preparations and offers both advice and practical support.

Please find here more information about run4humedica.

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