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Started from the Allgäu Airport: relief flight on its way to Somaliland

by Steffen Richter,  2017/10/12

The situation has been dramatic for months: after two crop failures due to the worldwide climatic change approximately 23 million people in East Africa suffer from the extreme draught. humedica engages since many months in various ways and in various locations for the afflicted people. Now a relief flight was brought on its way with major support from BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ (A heart for Children), which will transport so-called therapeutic nutrition, more medicaments and medical equipment from the humedica home airport Memmingen in Germany to Hargaisa, capital of the internationally not recognized Republic of Somaliland in Somalia.

Since the beginning of the year the full impact of the new draught in East Africa has become visible: The United Nations report about approximately 23 million directly affected people, at times 1,4 million children faced death by starvation. Amongst other countries also the Yemen and Somaliland are in the focus of the international relief efforts, which are in particular supported and implemented by non-governmental organisations.

A strong alliance against the hunger in East Africa (from the left): Wolfgang Groß (general manager of humedica), Alwin Lichtensteiger (mayor of Memmingerberg), Bernhard Settele (humedica coordinator during the flight), Stefan Bosse (head mayor of Kaufbeuren), Werner Walcher (deputy chairman of the “Flughafenfreunde” (Friends of the airport) as well as the host of the Allgäu Airport, general manager Ralf Schmid.

humedica engages for months in particular in Somaliland, a region de facto independent from Somalia, but de jure internationally not recognized. In July already the Bavarian organisation could bring urgently needed relief goods from Ethiopia to the adjacent Somaliland by lorry. Now, thanks to the great support from the children´s relief organisation BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“, we could even charter an airplane to transport special relief goods to the centre of the disaster.

„We are very glad about this support, which made this certainly unusual form of relief work possible.“ explains Wolfgang Groß, humedica general manager on the margins of the airline´s departure. „These urgently needed goods will enable us to help directly many afflicted people.“

For the first time also a relief flight was brought on its way from the humedica Allgäu home airport Memmingen, where in the last years several medical teams had already taken off. For five years now the airport Memmingen and humedica have a close partnership, which will also engage in the organisation of relief flights.

humedica depends on your support to continue its help in East Africa. Please become part of our fight against the famine and help people on site with your donation. Thank you so much.

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