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World Humanitarian Day 2017

by LKO,  2017/08/17

The 19th of August 2003 22 UN employees died during a bob attack on the United Nations headquarters in Bagdad, more than 100 people were injured. To remember this shocking event and to point out the specific exposure of humanitarian aides, since 2009 the World Humanitarian Day takes place on the 19th of August every year. The claim of this years´ commemoration day is clear and could not be any more appropriate with regard to the current developments: civilian and humanitarian helpers should never be targeted!

According to reports of the United Nations in the last 20 years 4.132 humanitarian supporters were attacked. In 2016 alone 73 aides were kidnapped during relief interventions, 88 were injured, 91 people lost their lives. These shocking numbers demonstrate the ruthlessness of violent associations and terrorist groups and are a serious violation of International Humanitarian Law. These attacks on humanitarian aides also jeopardise the support of suffering people in crises regions and thus risk the survival of countless innocent children, women and men.

In order to help suffering people, humanitarian supporters risk routinely their own lives. This engagement must be protected! Photo: humedica

The fact that the need for humanitarian support of people in violent conflicts, wars and disasters has never been higher than it is today complicates this situation additionally. With regard to the humanitarian dimension the engagement of organisations such as humedica can never reach all people in need, but the claim to help as many people as possible must always be a priority. To meet these challenges and to assist uninvolved, suffering people, humanitarian aides risk their own lives and become ever more frequently targets of violent attacks.

This year´s World Humanitarian Day would like to draw more attention to this alarming situation. The UN campaign #NotATarget calls for more respect for both human rights and humanitarian international law and insists on the protection of civilians and humanitarian helpers in crises areas.*

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*All numbers mentioned above are taken from United Nations´ publications. Please find these publications and more information about the World Humanitarian Day on the campaign´s homepage

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