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Second medical team on its way

Next earthquake causes more than 200 victims

by SRI,  2017/09/21

Twelve days ago, after the first major earthquake, humedica had already sent a medical emergency team to Central American Mexico. When last Wednesday Mexico was hit again by severe tremors, which destroyed the infrastructure of the Mexico City region and caused more than 200 fatalities and hundreds of injured people, humedica decided to bring another medical team on its way immediately.

Assisting the people, that is the task of our emergency team members. Photo: humedica

Even so this second earthquake with 7,1 on the Richter scale was significantly weaker than the first one (8,2), which hit approximately two weeks ago, the damages are more massive. Consequently also the number of directly afflicted people has increased disproportionally as about 20 million people live in the Mexico City region.

„We have received clear signals from Mexico itself, but also from the Mexican ambassador in Berlin, his Excellency Rogelio Granguillhome, that our help is needed and very welcome.“, explains humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß on Thursday. „We react with due urgency now by sending out a second emergency intervention team, later on we will eventually discuss possible reconstruction measures.“

While the first intervention team will return next weekend, the coordinators Heinz Horsch (Vilsheim) and Katharina Mayer (Munich) as well as the medical professionals Prof. Dr. Heiner Laube (Gießen), Dr. Wolfgang May (Schwangau), Daniel Warkentin (Rengsdorf) and Brigitte Nieberlein (Celle) will travel to Mexico to assist the people on site.

humedica stands for sustainable medical disaster interventions, which often result in reconstruction projects. After the massive earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal we were able to help approximately thousand people and we are also eager to help the suffering people in Mexico. Many times already you have given us a mandate to help by dedicated donations in the past. We would also like to ask you to join our efforts to help Mexico. Please become part of our intervention. Thank you so much.

humedica asks the people in Germany to continue their support of the relief efforts for this disaster region.

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