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To carry on where deprivation is still rampant

Relief work in Nepal remains important

by LKO,  2017/01/11

Just a few moments in April 2015 altered Nepal permanently: the earthquake with a magnitude of 7,8 on the Richter scale claimed about 9.000 fatalities and 22.000 casualties. And as if this human tragedy was not enough, heavy earth tremors destroyed approximately 800.000 houses leaving the survivors to face the ruins of their existence. The humedica medical teams reacted immediately and provided the victims of the earthquake in the severely affected area surrounding the capital Kathmandu with medical care and crucial aid supplies.

But till date Nepal, one of the least developed countries of the world, was not able to recover from the disaster. Bureaucratic hurdles, favouritism and supply shortages impede the reconstruction, which proceeds only sluggishly and puts the longsuffering population to a bitter test. For humedica it is therefore all the more important to continue its work where humanitarian help is needed most although the actual relief intervention had been completed.

Focus on families

Malnutrition, the lack of educational prospects and the impeding danger of being trafficked are only some of the many problems families from the poor mountain regions of Nepal have to face ever more often since the earthquake has struck. Presently their situation gets even more difficult due to the icy winter weather, which renders survival inconceivably challenging.

humedica therefore decided to support systematically 183 families in need. Monthly food and hygiene parcels secure their basic supply, the provision of school fees and study materials secure the continued education of the children. Their parents are invited to attend trainings on topics such as livestock breeding and farming, which will enable them to fend for their own families in the long run.

This form of self-help support can be adapeted to respond to all kind of immediate requirements: lately all families have been provided with winter vegetables to secure their food supply during the cold winter months.

In regular trainings the supported families learn how to provide for their families and to protect them against exploitation. Photo: humedica

Earthquake-proof reconstruction

humedica focuses its efforts to reconstruct destroyed accommodations on the rebuilding of the small mountain community Dalchoki. In cooperation with the partner organisations Lumanti and Hoffnungszeichen humedica provides 250 families, who have lost their houses in the disaster, with new homes. The endeavours place special attention on the seismic safety of the new houses, which are under constant strain due to the many aftershocks since the massive earthquake in April 2015.

A persistent economic blockade and heavy monsoon rains delayed the reconstruction in the beginning, but with the help of the affected families now 100 houses could be finished and handed over. It is planned to complete the reconstruction of the remaining accommodations by mid next year in order to provide all families in Dalchoki with a secure home.

Step by step to a new earthquake-resistant home: in Dalchoki 250 families are provided with new accommodations. Photo: Hoffnungszeichen

Medical care

In cooperation with the association BSH-Katastrophenhilfehumedica continues its medical care of the earthquake victims even though the immediate relief work has already been completed. In the second largest Nepalese town Pokhara humedica has provided the „Green Pastures Hospital“ run by the International Nepal Fellowship with two new ambulances. One coach is used as a “classical ambulance” within the city, the second one is suitable for off-road operations and therefore allows for ambulance services in the mountains, thus also isolated villages can more easily be reached by medical aid.

Enormous challenges remain

Even though many crucial aid measures could be already implemented, the need of the Nepalese people affected by poverty and the consequences of the earthquake remains great. Please continue to support our aid intervention and become a humedica sponsor: With a sponsorship you help to protect people´s lives by well-organised and long-lasting aid measures and to shape a positive future for them. Thank you so much!

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