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Ferry flight with much needed relief supplies on its way to Ethiopia

Famine in the East of Africa – about 20 million people affected – humedica collaborates with partners for effective help

by SRI,  2017/05/04

As a general rule, the most direct and especially the fastest way to bring help to people in need is the airway. For some weeks now several East African countries have been in the focus of the worldwide attention: due to two draught-related lost harvests approximately 20 million people are directly affected by famine. humedica, who engages in manifold ways in this region, could now implement another important part of its concrete help.

Nine tons of urgently needed supply, in particular medication, food and medical emergency equipment is on its direct way to the people, who suffer from the present famine in East Africa. Photo: humedica

In the course of a so-called ferry flight tons of badly needed supply goods have been transported to the crisis area. When a new AIRBUS A350 XWB was transferred to „Ethiopian Airlines“, the new owner of the plane accepted the request of AIRBUS FOUNDATION to transfer the plane to its new home airport not empty, but loaded with relief supply goods. Thus especially medication, food and medical emergency equipment can now be distributed on several sites to the people affected by the famine. These relief supply goods were co-financed by the BILD hilft e. V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ campaign.

„In fact it is very difficult for me to find the right words to describe the great support and passionate commitment of all people involved.“, says humedica co-founder and general manager Wolfgang Groß shortly after the departure of the plane to Ethiopia. „My special thanks goes to AIRBUS, the AIRBUS Foundation and BILD hilft e. V. ‚Ein Herz für Kinder‘, who have already supported us strongly in the past. I would also like to thank ‚Ethiopian Airlines‘ and ‚Aviation without Borders‘ for their great assistance and cooperation.“

humedica asks the people in Germany to continue their support of the relief efforts for this disaster region.

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