Invitation to the launch event of "b2Org"

Added value discussions face to face


Networking ranks as one of the concepts for success today. That surely is no groundbreaking news unknown to experienced executives. Especially in situations, which involve a certain unpredictability or which are characterised by massive technical change or even a culture revolution, a stable network is of vital importance.

Within the world of humanitarian relief work, in which humedica engages since 1979, a viable, perspective and in particular efficient project implementation depends on creative collaborations, reliable partners and strong contacts - a least common multiple, which is known and lived up to by nearly all fields of the working world.

Against this background we now initiate the event series

„b2ORG – Added value discussions face to face“

and would like to invite all interested business men and women to its kick-off on

Thursday, 16th March of 2017, at 7 p.m.
at our Head Office (Goldstraße 8, 87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany)

Our much sought-after keynote speaker Dr. Georg Kolb from the renown Klenk & Hoursch AG (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich) will talk about „Networking in the digital economy“.

Dr. Georg Kolb, managing partner at Klenk & Hoursch

Dr. Georg Kolb is managing partner at Klenk & Hoursch, a consulting company for corporate communications in the digital era. Previously he has held various leadership positions in the consulting and corporate environment such as global head of innovation at the high tech PR agency Text 100 in New York, member of the executive board of the social software company direktzu und business director at Pleon Germany.

In addition to his work with clients, Georg Kolb took also over teaching assignments at both the Bavarian Academy for Promotion and Marketing and the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. At the School for Communications and Management (scm) he worked as Enterprise Social Networks lecturer. He twitters at and blogs about corporate communication at

Look forward to an interesting evening and become part of a strong, empathetic network. Please contact our colleague Heinke Rauscher for registration. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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