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humedica sends out second medical team to Iran

Still strong need for medical aid in earthquake region

by Steffen Richter,  2017/11/20

Barely one week after the disastrous earthquake in the Iranian-Iraqi border region near the city of Kermanschah humedica has decided to intensify its aid on site by sending out a second team. In the last days, the first six-person emergency intervention team was able to provide much needed medical care especially in the remote villages of the mountainous region. In view of the massive destruction and the large number of victims the extension of the aid measures is only logical.

Im Erdbebengebiet treffen die Helfer von humedica auf massive Zerstörungen und einen großen Hilfsbedarf.

In the earthquake area the humedica teams are confronted with massive destruction and a great need for humanitarian help. Photo: humedica

In the last days those responsible within the humedica headquarters had analyzed the situation in the affected region over and over again after the arrival of the first emergency intervention team. In close consultation they have now decided to send out a second team.

Monday, the 20th of November, the coordinators Vera Eibl (Adnet/Austria) and Toni Gärtner (Potsdam, Germany), the practitioners Prof. Dr. Heiner Laube (Gießen, Germany) and Dr. Julian Zedler (Regensburg, Germany) as well as the nurses Christina Raab (Ulm, Germany) and Matthias Gerloff (Ammerbuch, Germany) will travel to the disaster region. Most likely, they will meet with the first team on Thursday, the 21st of November.

„We very much appreciate the great commitment of our intervention team members.“ said humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß on Sunday. „The situation in and around the earthquake epicenter calls for more help and now we are able to provide it!“ Besides the continuing treatment of the earthquake victims another focus of the medical team is on the basic health care provision.

"Even without a natural disaster striking, many people need regular medical treatment as civilization diseases occur everywhere. Our well trained medical teams also take on this task.“

Wolfgang Groß, humedica general manager

humedica asks you, dear friends and sponsors, to support this disaster intervention with a targeted donation. Thank you so much!

The six members of the second team also carry three „PAULs“, very compact backpack water filtration devices, which can produce up to 1.200 litres of clean drinking water every day.

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