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humedica sends out medical team to the Iran

After an earthquake measuring 7,3 on the Richter scale

by Steffen Richter,  2017/11/13

humedica has sent an intervention team of six in the Iranian-Iraqi border region, which had been hit by a massive earthquake. The number of casualties due to the earthquake, which measured 7,3 on the Richter scale, has increased by the hour lately, sadly, this is also the case with the number of fatalities. The humedica team set out on Tuesday and reached the disaster area on Wednesday.

humedica had monitored the situation in the disaster region closely and has finally opted for a relief intervention.

“Over the last years we have already gained much experience in the Iran and have reliable contacts there. Furthermore, we are convinced that our experiences and also our possibilities to help match with the needs in the disaster region so we could reach our decision for an intervention fairly quickly.“

Raphael Marcus, head of humedica emergency and disaster response

Besides the coordinators Johannes Peter (Memmingen), Uwe Grunert (Bad Camberg) and Cyrus Ghiasi (Berlin), also the medical professionals Liesel Ruff (Bonn), Manuel Bobrich (Breitengüßbach) and Klaus Ruhrmann (Rheda-Wiedenbrück) travelled for humedica from Germany to Iran.

humedica nurse Klaus Ruhrmann (on the left) and practitioner Manuel Bobrich while unloading the Iran relief goods upon their arrival. Photo: humedica

Their destination is the mountainous epicenter near the border to Iraq. “With our very mobile equipment we are able to treat up to 3.000 patients.“, Raphael Marcus places on record.

Please support this disaster intervention with a targeted donation for the affected people in Iran. Thank you very much!

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