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humedica provides emergency relief support in Sri Lanka

More than 160 casualties after massive rainfall - ten thousands of people homeless

by Steffen Richter,  2017/05/29

The heaviest rain falls since nearly twenty years have downright flooded Sri Lanka in the last days, in particular the South-West of the country. More than 160 people were killed, ten thousands were injured or lost their homes, there are still many persons missing, the extent of the infrastructure destruction is not yet foreseeable. Political officials have already asked for international help. humedica has taken action and is planning to extend its help in this country even further.

Due to the heavy flooding the South-West of Sri Lanka has declared a state of emergency. humedica´s disaster relief work has already begun. Photo: humedica Lanka

„Although it is still early days for the monsoon, currently we are learning the hard way that in times of worldwide climatic change everything is possible.“, comments humedica general manager Wolfgang Groß the larger context of the situation in the country. He had travelled Sri Lanka for the first time in the Eighties, since then humedica is engaged with various projects there.

„Thanks to our well established structures in many parts of the country and our local employees, who have been fully trained in the meanwhile, we could already organise first distributions, mainly of urgently needed clear drinking water.”

Wolfgang Groß, general manager of humedica

The humedica teams at the headquarters in Kaufbeuren and the humedica Lanka office in Colombo are working urgently to intensify the measures. It is planned to organise further distributions of food, drugs and medical equipment and possibly also reconstruction support later on. „We are very flexible and are able to respond fast to changing situations.“ explains Groß.

In order to align the various support measures and to support the local team on site a coordinator will set out to Sri Lanka as soon as possible.

humedica asks the people in Germany for dedicated donations to implement and extend the already running relief activities.

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