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Forgotten humanitarian crises and the strive for attention

by LKO,  2017/03/10

Worldwide millions of people live in humanitarian crises, which only rarely attract public attention despite their life threatening situations for the affected people. Together with ten other aid organisations and the Foreign Office of Germanyhumedica sets a sign against oblivion: the campaign “#nichtvergesser” (#those, who do not forget) focuses on the fates of people and thus tries to raise once again media and public awareness for forgotten crises.

But what exactly are forgotten crises? The EU Commission´s Environment and Community Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO) gives a simple answer to this elementary question by defining the expression as follows:

"A forgotten crises is a severe, longstanding humanitarian emergency situation, in which the affected population receives no or only insufficient international support. Furthermore there is no discernable political will to end these crises. As media interest is lacking, the crises continue to proceed outside public perception."


Take the continuing famine in Zimbabwe, the instable political situation in die Somalia, the permanent violent confrontations in Colombia or Pakistan, which is weakened by nature disasters and internal political conflicts: the humanitarian crises in these and other countries are going on for decades and even so their terrible consequences cost countless lives, mostly they take place outside the public discourse. They are forgotten crises.

How rarely these crises and their victims are in fact covered by the media shows a comparison with supposedly less relevant topics: while in the passed 12 months the reality show “Das Dschungelcamp” was mentioned about 33.805 times in the German online media, only 1000 reports on the humanitarian crisis in Pakistan and no more than 89 about Myanmar were found on the net.

It was this thought-provoking result of the investigation of public interests, which lead to the initiative for the various forgotten crises. The campaign´s focus is the targeted appeal to the general public to deal actively with the situation of the affected countries, to talk about it for instance via the hashtag “#nichtvergesser”. Join in and post in your social networks a picture of you with a node in your hand and the hashtag “#nichtvergesser”. It is completely up to you and your creativity, which material and form you use for the node: it is the much-cited symbol of the handkerchief node that counts.

You can also support people in forgotten crises even more concretely by a donation. As a humedica sponsor you contribute to our sustainable aid in countries like Pakistan or Zimbabwe and accomplish a tangible difference in the life of people in need.

Join in and become a #nichtvergesser!

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