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humedica intensifies aid for East Africa

Massive famine crisis at the Horn of Africa – relief flight planned

by LKO,  2017/03/07

Due to the prolonged drought in Eastern Africa currently millions of people are threatened by a severe famine, without fast help ten thousands of them face death by starvation. humedica responds to the dramatically worsening situation by intensifying its relief measures.

Day by day the humanitarian emergency situation of several East African countries gets more and more threatening. According to official reports presently more than 22 millions of people are directly affected by famine. In Somalia, one of the worst affected countries, ten thousands of people are already fighting for survival.

humedica responds in various ways to the ever growing crisis, for instance by planning a relief flight, which will bring in urgently needed goods such as weight gainers and supplementary nutrition as well as medicaments. Such a flight had already taken place during the famine in 2011.

„The situation is extremely serious. If the people in Eastern Africa do not get help immediately, another famine and high numbers of casualties like in 2011 are imminent.”

Wolfgang Groß, General Manager of humedica

Additionally to its already planned relief flight humedica intensifies its ongoing relief intervention in the refugee camps Melkadida and Kobe at the Ethiopian-Somali border to care for the newly arriving people from Somalia as best as possible. „The increasing number of new refugees is alarming and indicates the desperate situation of the people in Somalia“, describes Raphael Marcus, Head of Emergency and Disaster Response at humedica, the situation in the region.

At the Ethiopian-Somali border humedica helpers treat refugees from Somalia. There is a growing concern that a famine like in 2011 is imminent. Photo: humedica, archive

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