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humedica honours social commitment

500 voluntary helpers – 7.330 hours of engagement for people in need

by BWO,  2017/05/12

Also in the last 12 months the humanitarian organisation humedica situated in Kaufbeuren, Germany could count on the support of their numerous voluntary helpers in the region. At the traditional spring event humedica took the opportunity to thank all volunteers and to honour several supporters for their outstanding commitment in the last year.

humedica is very proud to have the support of so many volunteers, who make its many projects a success. The voluntary workers do not only help with the Christmas parcel campaign „Present from the heart“, they are also ready to spend their leisure time engaging in various action days, info counters, airport drives as well as the transport of relief goods for the worldwide humanitarian projects of humedica.

Over the past twelve months about 500 men and women invested approximately 7.330 hours of their time while working as volunteers for humedica.

Most volunteers come from the Eastern Allgäu. These voluntary helpers were particularly busy during the „Present from the heart“ campaign, when on the 14 pick-up-days 95 of them gathered parcels from 1.557 collection points travelling 58.066 kilometers on Bavarian roads. Other supporters knit and crochet all year long caps, scarfs and socks for needy children or organise charity sales or concerts for the benefit of humedica. All in all this is an impressive engagement and we are quite sure that in reality the number of actually worked hours should be revised upwards by far.

Painting children´s faces, plastering gypsum hands or presenting papers: volunteers spend thousands of hours of their leisure time for the good cause. Photo: humedica

In order to thank supporters, who invested exceptionally long time this year, volunteer coordinator Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche surprised 23 persons with voucher packages provided for free by the town of Füssen. Front runner of these voluntary helpers was a man, who covered 192 assignments while clearing daily the humedica deposit bottle containers at the Allgäu Airport for six months.

humedica would like to thank all volunteers for their selfless commitment and their continuous help for people in need. If you are also thinking of volunteering for humedica, please feel free to contact our officer in charge Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche anytime.
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